How do I quit being a workaholic

Some time ago I realized I’m a workaholic. In this article, I explain how I came to this conclusion, what were the root causes and what I’m doing to quit.

2021 in review and plans for 2022

This article is treated as part of my diary, where I’m trying to reflect on this year as it’s coming to an end and make public statements on plans for the next year – so it motivates me more to accomplish them. Reflection on 2021 I dropped my Facebook job and started working for Buffer […]

Learn fundamentals before learning a technology relying on them

I myself was lacking fundamental networking knowledge when I started using Docker and cloud services like AWS. I can’t even count the hours I wasted trying to solve my problems. Problems that appeared to be so simple once I understood how does it work under the hood, that I’m still ashamed of myself.