How do I quit being a workaholic

Some time ago I realized I’m a workaholic. In this article, I explain how I came to this conclusion, what were the root causes and what I’m doing to quit.

2021 in review and plans for 2022

This article is treated as part of my diary, where I’m trying to reflect on this year as it’s coming to an end and make public statements on plans for the next year – so it motivates me more to accomplish them. Reflection on 2021 I dropped my Facebook job and started working for Buffer […]

Learn fundamentals before learning a technology relying on them

I myself was lacking fundamental networking knowledge when I started using Docker and cloud services like AWS. I can’t even count the hours I wasted trying to solve my problems. Problems that appeared to be so simple once I understood how does it work under the hood, that I’m still ashamed of myself.

Elasticsearch and Kibana on Docker using non-default ports

How to make Kibana discover and work with Elasticsearch in your local development environment when using non-default ports for these services. Ready to use snippets for Docker Compose and explanation how does it work under the hood.

How to make $10,000/month developing for WordPress? The definitive guide

The sky is the limit with your salary – you’re getting as much as your clients prize you. Anyway, you don’t have to be a god to make a decent money developing WordPress solution and I’ll have it covered in this article – how you should engage with your clients, gain new contacts, negotiate, raise your prices and what’s the most important – what knowledge you should have.

How to learn a new plugin to gain more clients

The most important thing being a developer, and in addition, being a freelancer is to constantly learn. Just like I mentioned in my other post How to make $10,000 per month developing for WordPress, the more technologies you know, the more clients you can land. You have to sacrifice your time to learn, of course, but it’ll definitely return to you in a much bigger amount.

DigitalOcean setup for WordPress website – secure, performant and budget-wise

DigitalOcean is a great choice for your website if you want to have maximum control over what’s happening there. You have no limitations, like on regular hostings, and you’ll be able to do basically anything you’d like. DigitalOcean is also a great choice when you know you’ll have a high-traffic or heavy-resource website.

How to display custom post fields in Elementor archive page

Recently I’ve encountered one small issue when creating a website for my client. He was managing a couple of apartments and needed an easy way to add new apartments to his page – Elementor and Custom Post Types created with Pods were a perfect candidate for these requirements. However, Elementor is missing a very basic feature – you can’t add custom pods fields to archive widgets!