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Loyalty is streetwear brand dedicated to original ones, these breaking the mould of life. Established on October 17′ by Dominik Wesołek in cooperation with Natalia Michałowska. Since the start, their goal was to create simple patterns that were never seen in the Polish market. These were designed to interest people curious about art, pop culture and homemade type tattoos. “We want them to identify with our design”. Quality is one of the greatest values of Loyalty founders – you never get a bad product.

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Loyalty was popular since its establishment so performance was a crucial thing here. Nobody wants to lose potential clients because their website is slow.

And we perfectly know about it so we designed the whole e-shop and its server to handle even a few hundred concurrent users. Reality proves Loyalty’s client very like our shared works – average session duration is greater than 2 minutes and Loyalty welcomed already tens of thousands of unique visitors – how cool is it!

Design & Engagement

People are designed to appreciate beauty, so we designed Loyalty website to be beautiful. Simple as that.

We also optimized every page to drive as many clicks and interactions as it is possible – it means more money from sales. We specialize in giving you possibilities to make money from your business. Statistics only prove it’s dead right – Loyalty is quickly becoming amazingly popular e-commerce.

What They Say About Us

Since September 17′ we cooperated with Apollin.com completing 4 different projects., which we are extraordinarily proud of. Apollin Agency helped us repeatedly in planning our websites and neutralize bugs which raised due to our oversight. We plan to commit all of our future projects, websites and e-commerce to Apollin.com and we can faithfully recommend this Agency to everyone.

Dominik Wesołek
CEO - Alpha Media