Heels on Wheels

Fashion and motorization. Creators and stylists. These two apparently distant worlds connect themselves with finesse. Because of their users, but also their beauty. Heels on Wheels aim is to show its relations. Intricacies of shapes of wonderful projects but also their usability.

Heels on Wheels is a blog full of photos of amazing cars and not any less amazing woman. Luiza, who creates its content, is a model with years of experience and knowledge about the most beautiful and performant cars on this world. Almost as performant as websites designed by Apollin.com

ClientLuiza Dorosz


The beauty is the most powerful tool of Heels on Wheels’ Luiza. Both hers and cars she presents to the world. It was very important to create a website as beautiful as her and her works. With success of this project, we can assume we have managed to do it as best as we could.


Every car Luiza describes for her users is quite a performant beast. A lot of amazing photos on every single page requires a lot of performance on the server-side of the website. That’s why we designed Heels on Wheels to losslessly compress pictures that everyone can still admire their beauty and speediness of our piece of work.


The readability and attractivity are crucial for projects like this one. So we put emphasis on photos and text of posts Luiza writes that nothing comes unnoticed by her readers.